Date: Tuesday 19th September 2017

Venue: Grand Connaught Rooms, London, WC2B 5DA

The Complaints Summit 2017 is a must attend event for anyone engaged in managing, better understanding and reducing complaints in financial services.

This isn't your average "sit and listen" conference. The Complaints Summit is a hands-on and fast-paced format will ensure that participants leave the event armed with practical tips to better manage complaints and further their knowledge around what really drives customer complaints across the industry.

To deliver a truly compelling event programme, two leading firms will join us to help share examples of innovation and to facilitate discussion around hot topics. Attendees will leave with key takeaways to help deliver better performance.

Why should you attend?

In just three hours, you’ll participate in four 30 min discussion-led roundtables. This will provide an opportunity to discuss hot topics as well as new approaches to managing and understanding complaints. You’ll also get the opportunity to share experiences with colleagues from across the industry.

New research into what turns an unhappy customer into a complaint will also be shared and discussed for the first time.

Signing-up to the Complaints Summit 2017 therefore includes:

  • “The Main Event” A 4hr event at Grand Connaught Rooms, London
  • “The Takeaway” A specially curated complaints summit booklet

Who we are

Smart Money People is the UK’s leading review and insight platform for financial services. Collecting tens of thousands of freely volunteered reviews has helped us pick up a thing or two about the drivers of customer satisfaction (and dissatisfaction), and the root causes behind complaints. We will make some of our data exclusively available to attendees of the Complaints Summit 2017.

We also run high profile annual events like the British Bank Awards, which in 2017 featured in The Mirror, The Daily Mail, The Sunday Express and The Spectator.

Read more about Smart Money People here.



Michael Fotis, Founder of Smart Money People & Spectator Money Contributor
Keynote Speech

Tim Carter, Executive Director of Member Service & Complaints, Nationwide Building Society

Closing Thoughts

Roundtable discussions

Is Artificial Intelligence the future of customer service and complaints management?
Michael Hill, Author of 'Complaints management. Turning negatives into positives'
The complaints tipping point. What turns an unhappy customer into a complaint?
Michael Fotis, Founder of Smart Money People & Spectator Money Contributor
The importance of correct complaint identification
Nick Kemp, Deloitte LLP


Grand Connaught Rooms
61-65 Great Queen Street


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For registration or any other enquiries, please email us.

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